WIFI wireless monitoring
  Password management and control connection
  Use smartphone, tablet or computer connection operation
  Support for Android and iOS
  Support more than 40 electric engine
  electronically controlled engine speed control function supports
  Built-in Web browsing and control
  Size:W 216 * H 144 * D 89 mm

  GTR-1000 with Android Phone

Android phone APP control
Through VERTEXCONN Cloud Connect
Highly secure Internet connection mode
You can set different permissions for different personnel
You do not need a fixed IP, no need to set up the host
Collecting data in the cloud, save it to your designated place
Shall not be set manually installed and networking

GTR-1000 with ipad safari

Built-in Web
No need to download any APP
Connect by LAN
Connect to the Internet by fixed IP
Display more data and events